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Lilly Cooley

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My name is lilly cooley, Fitness and health have always been my passion. As a wife and mother, I have found it challenging to find the much needed time to concentrate on my own well being. I am learning that the key to being the best wife and mother I can be is to find a balance and prioritize my fitness and not set my dreams on the shelf. My goal for my life has always been to own my own fitness studio. The past few years have been very hectic to say the least. I have married my best friend, Garrett Cooley, and we have been blessed with two little boys, Gunner and Grady. After the birth of our oldest child, Gunner, I began cycling to get myself back in shape. It became very evident to me how beneficial it was for my body and mind. When I found out we were expecting our latest baby, Grady, I never stopped cycling. I made it a priority even with a toddler running around. I am so excited to be making my dream come to life and share my passion for cycling with others. Even though I am in an extremely busy season of my life, I am pursuing my dream. I am a spin instructor certified, and I want to make working out fun and build your confidence all while we achieve our goals together!

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